Our environmental commitment
17 April 2022

There is a documented policy with specific objectives for Environmental Conservation and a commitment to reducing energy consumption and associated costs. Mas des Romarins and its employees are committed to the efficiency of their activity and to the preservation of the environment, assuming the well-being and conservation of our environment and community. Our community policy and main actions are as follows

1. Procurement, Energy Management and Saving Initiatives

We ensure energy control of all hotel operations by investing in class A efficiency equipment and we raise awareness of energy saving among our staff by developing the following initiatives and actions: Low energy lighting in all hotel facilities, guest information system to turn off air conditioning/heating in rooms when not present, replacement and maintenance of air conditioning systems, timers to control outdoor lighting, TV with low energy screen, heating/cooling of pool water by means of a heat pump, automated system of laundry and pool products.

2. Water management

The Mas des Romarins incorporates water-saving devices in its hotel that reduce water consumption, both in the taps and in the toilet cisterns. The gardens are equipped with a drip irrigation system.

3. Waste management

Mas des Romarins minimises waste production in all its areas, recycling glass and plastic containers. It also composts the vast majority of its organic waste.

4. Use of chemicals

Mas des Romarins uses biodegradable chemicals and safely disposes of hazardous waste. The use of a steam cleaner for the entire establishment considerably limits the impact of even environmentally friendly chemicals within the establishment.

The daily cleaning service is only carried out at the express request of the client in order to limit the impact of the use of energy and cleaning products.

5. Promotion of responsible tourism

The Mas des Romarins promotes and enhances the economic and social benefits of the community and its businesses to its clientele with the support of Luberon Mont de Vaucluse.

6. Purchasing

Mas des Romarins favours the purchase of local products over imports or external suppliers, and collaborates with official bodies to promote local traditions.

7. Employment

Mas des Romarins recognises the importance of hiring staff in the local area of its hotels rather than looking outside the community.

8. Donations and charities

The Mas des romarins is sensitive to the needs of charities, schools, hospitals and groups in our community and collaborates by providing financial or in-kind support to many of these institutions.

9. Our objectives

Reduction of solid waste, with the acquisition of bulk products. Continuing to reduce the consumption of drinking water, training and qualifying the hotel staff through courses on environmental preservation. Therefore, it is involved in: The development of information and dissemination campaigns on environmental issues. The training and sensitisation of the staff on environmental issues. The design and execution of environmental management actions and its environment. Supervision and control of the results of the actions implemented. Respecting the hotel's environmental management policies and the legislation in force.